How to Describe What it’s Like Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids is adventurous and amazing, but often times situations occur that you simply can’t explain in words. But gifs from 1980’s movies explain those situations perfectly!! 🙂

Read on below to see if any of these describe your travels with kids!

What it feels like boarding an airplane with your 2 carry-ons per person, snacks, baby carrier and kids in tow!


When you’re traveling through different time zones, and the kids go to sleep on time…

But then they wake up 3 hours early!


When you’re trying to decide if you can buy that souvenir the kids want and if you have room for it in your luggage.


When something breaks in your hotel or Airbnb and you look at your kids.


When your kids learn how to do something from another culture and love it!


When you arrive at your Airbnb late at night, only to discover that there isn’t any coffee. The morning is going to be so not cool!


Going to an amazing museum with your kids 🙂 


When you just finished packing 4 people’s clothes in 8 strategically placed packing cubes, and you walk in on your kids playing dress up with everyone’s clothes. 


When you finished your bike tour and realize a kid left their jacket at one of the 10 stops you made throughout the city. 


What it feels like when you’ve been flying for 8 hours with kids and have 10 minutes to catch your connecting flight! 


When you get back home and everyone had fun, there were no broken limbs, and every suitcase is accounted for! 

I love traveling with kids, and there are trying times, just like with any sort of traveling! But it’s so worth it to see them learn about, meet and make friends with people from other cultures all over the world. What have been some of your funniest or most frustrating times while traveling with kids? Leave a comment and let us know!

Thank you for the awesome gifs:)!

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