Poo’s and Giggles: Mishaps While Traveling with Kids!

Aw, that 5-hour ferry ride where my dress tore and my daughter pooped through all her sets of clothes…totally awesome. Or that time we didn’t have any money in London and accidentally dyed our daughter red.

Mishaps occur while traveling, especially with kids! Here are a few of ours that we hope you can learn from and laugh at. We believe adventures are the best way to learn. Not only about how to travel, but to learn more about yourself!

Poop Galore

no ferry rides!
🙂 We were done with long ferry rides for a while!!

On our ferry from Civitavecchia to Olbia Sardinia, I fed our daughter dried cherries. We just arrived in Italy, and it was the only snack she would eat! But I totally forgot about their laxative effect.

Especially on a 1-year old.

Our 2-hour wait and 5-hour ferry ride were poo filled events! And in the midst of changing her clothes for the gazillionth time, I tore my dress. Yay. Our snack game has totally improved since then!

London Stroll


It was a long walk!

Our first time to London included us arriving in Victoria Station without any money and cell data or service. I flew in from Rota Spain, while my husband and daughter flew from Naples Italy, and our bank totally shut down our cards! We only had 4 pounds from my trip to London a decade earlier.

We ended up walking 4 miles across London, kid, and suitcases in tow and using a red telephone booth to call our Airbnb contact.  I thought it was adventurous…for about 5 minutes, and then the misery set in! We learned to always have local cash on hand, to make sure our bank knows our plans and that I can get super grumpy at times 🙂

Duomo Diaper Escapades


Duomo stairs!!

When you’re potty training your kid, you shouldn’t travel, right? Nope, it can be done! Just be sure to have emergency diapers on hand and be able to pull them out superhero style.

During our 2nd visit to Florence, we took all the precautions with our 2-year old daughter.  We went potty before and after everything we did, but in the narrowest part of going up the Duomo stairs, she had to go potty. We quickly pulled out a diaper, did a few circus twist and turns, and viola! She was good to go. But, this was only after, she peed all over a bike seat on our tour the day before 🙂

Spring at Versailles


She still protected our pastries! 🙂

Our spring trip to Paris was amazing, including a bike tour in Versailles and around the palace gardens.  It was chilly and raining, but we were still game! Until my oldest jumped in every puddle she saw (before the bike ride) and then had a bike trailer that let water in around her feet.  She was wearing tennis shoes and a pair of socks. Whomp. Whomp.

We put an extra pair of our socks on her, but they were soaking wet by our garden tour. Next, I had a large Ziploc bag, and so that went over her feet. By lunch, that wasn’t working, so an awesome couple offered a pair of extra socks to us. This allowed us to tour the palace and ride the train back to Paris. We love making new friends while traveling! Now we have jellies that go with us to any rainy location, and 2 pairs of extra socks (the Ziploc was pretty effective though!)

Camera Catastrophe


Family pic at the Eiffel Tower… taken with an old iPad!

Paris was also the one place we took our stroller, but we were staying on a 2nd floor Airbnb apartment. No big deal right? Our BOB stroller snuggly fit in the stairwell and we could pull it up.  But if you put the camera in the basket underneath the stroller, and then pull it up the stairs, your camera will tumble to its death. Luckily we had our iPad as a back-up, but it was still sad. Lesson learned not only about strollers while traveling, but where you put the camera!

No kids trip=kids trip


Littlest is missing a shoe and my dress has seen better days! 🙂

Keith loves cars and The Goodwood Revival in Chichester, West Sussex, is the most iconic vintage car festival to attend.  Everyone dresses up in 1920’s-1960’s clothes! So we bought our tickets, planning on an adult weekend only.  I was already buying my 1960’s clothes and make-up when we couldn’t find a sitter and came to the conclusion that we had to take the kids.  They were super cute in their 1960’s clothes and we had a blast, but it was still disappointing to not have an adult only weekend.  Next time, I’m booking a sitter like 6 months in advance! 🙂

But She’s Dyed Red! 


Also during our 1st trip to London, I bought a red wool peacoat for our oldest daughter, and it was absolutely darling on her! It was raining during our bike tour (again) but she had her coat and was staying dry.  After our tour, we took her coat off and she was dyed red! I bought the coat in such a hurry, that I forgot to wash it before we left for London. And all the ink just ran onto her instead! We thought it was funny…she didn’t. The next day we bought her a real raincoat from Marks and Spencer.

Crying at Lake Como


Our daughters were 2 years old and 8 weeks old when we decided to drive 10 hours from Naples Italy to Bellagio. Yep. I thought it was going to be fine. We would just stop every 2-3 hours to feed and we would rock the road trip with young kids! We totally got to our hotel late, and Keith went downstairs to convince the chef to make us a pizza. As I looked around the room and saw there wasn’t a small refrigerator (which isn’t unusual in Euro hotels, and I knew that!), I totally lost it.

I already had mastitis once, and I couldn’t imagine not being able to store the extra milk I had to pump out and possibly getting mastitis again! I started crying. My 2 year old started crying. And of course, the baby started crying.  Keith came back looked around at all of us, through the tears I mumbled something about a refrigerator and he quickly turned around to go get one. His face was priceless!! He won the best dad/hubby ever award when he came back with a pizza and refrigerator. It ended up being one of our favorite trips, but it had a bumpy start. I learned a lot about my own breaking point!


Our iPad pic at Notre-Dame de Paris!

We’ve also had kids run into a marble column in Rome, bust their chin in Paris, and scrap knees in every city.  I’ve learned how to be more patient, flexible and that when the unexpected happens, just roll with it! I still have to remind myself of this everytime we travel, but the more we travel the more we learn about the world, ourselves, and how to find joy in the middle of mishaps!

Side note: we loved all of our bike tours! Go to Fat Tire Tours for more info!



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  1. Shirley Ingram June 21, 2017 — 2:03 pm

    Having traveled in Italy with you guys, you make it fun for everyone and do it with ease. Enjoying the blog and the memories. So glad you are safe in Hawaii and up for new adventures.


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