Awesome Summertime Resorts: A Guide for Whistler

I went to college at CU Boulder, which led to questions like, “Oh! How lucky to be near so many ski resorts! Did you go often?” Nope. Not once. I lived in Colorado for almost 5 years and never skied!

For one, I was a super poor college kid, and skiing is expensive! I totally chose to eat vs ski! Two, I grew up in Texas and we never went skiing=I didn’t know how. Instead, I went on hikes and camping trips learning how to enjoy the ski resorts during the summertime.  It was cheaper and less crowded, both wins!

Our love of summertime resort adventures has turned into a family tradition. We lived about 4 hours from Whistler Canada and visited it last summer.  We are also leaving the PNW tomorrow to move to Hawaii, so I love that this is my last post from Washington 🙂 Read on below to find some amazing things to do and where to stay in Whistler during the summertime!

First, download the Whistler app which gives you a resort guide, events, activity ideas and so much more. A must have!


Stay at the Carleton Lodge 


Carleton Lodge is in the heart of Whistler Village, and right between the gondolas for Whistler and Blackcomb. Their rooms are apartment style suites, which is ideal for families. You can walk or bike to everything as well.  During the summertime, their rates are amazing, as in a family of 4 can stay for 3 nights for $312 (!) right in Whistler Village, yay!! Be sure to check in through the Sundial Hotel entrance, because they are the front desk for Carleton Lodge.  And did I mention that they also have in-suite laundry?!!

Peak 2 Peak Gondola


(image from

Ride the chair lift from Blackcomb or the gondola from Whistler Village to reach the Peak 2 Peak Gondola. Be sure to check the website above for times and dates. It’s $54 US dollars for adults, $36 for ages 13-18, $21 for ages 7-12, and 6 and under are free (and parents of young kids rejoice!) The views as you ride from one peak to the other are awe inspiring.  It’s definitely worth the time and money!


Whistler Village




So. Much. Shopping. Yay!! Shop in the village, or head over to Village Park to play on the playground and see the Olympic Rings. The playground is one of a kind and so fun! Grab some ice cream near the playground as a family treat. We also loved eating dinner at Pizzeria Antico. The food came fast, was totally delicious and the pizzeria had a fun Italian hipster vibe.  I highly recommend it!

Family Hiking and Biking




Click the link above for maps of the hiking and biking trails around Whistler.  Go here to rent mountain, cross-country, recreational or road bikes. You can even ride in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park which looked like a ton of fun, but I would’ve totally crashed and rolled down every hill!  Take a family hike around Lost Lake, which is about 3.5 miles total from Whistler Village. Or drive/bike to Green Lake for more amazing trails, a picnic and mountain views.  One last trailhead we loved was in the Whistler Interpretative Forest but drive to it. So many hikes, so little time!!

Side note:   Bears are seen around Whistler hiking trails. Be sure to read up on bear safety prior to going!


Our kids were too little to go ziplining but I so wanted to do it! From about $95 and up, you can go family ziplining.  Kids usually have to be at least 7 yrs and older to go, but it would be so awesome to zipline through the trees in Whistler!

Other activities include a Family Adventure Zone in Blackcomb, indoor activities like gyms, rock climbing, ice skating, and an Escape game. They didn’t have the Escape game when we visited so I’m totally jealous if you get to do it!  There is also a Whistler Scavenger Hunt to keep your kids occupied.  Whistler is definetly a great place to visit during the summertime with kids! (and I secretly love being able to hike and then go see snow all in the same day!)


What have you done in Whistler or other ski resorts during the summertime? Let us know in the comments below!




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