Traveling with Kids: An RN’s Medical Kit

Kids fall, trip, run into things and get hurt at home, so the same happens while traveling! Our kids have busted their chins in Paris, bruised foreheads in Rome (which is what happens when you run into a marble pillar!), fallen and bled everywhere in Portland, and so much more!

As an RN, I’ve created a quick and easy medical kit that we take on all our adventures.  These are items that I use on a daily basis at work, they’re simple, and will save the day when your kid falls down in Pompeii!

  1. Large gauze (not the roll!)
  2. Alcohol wipes
  3. Neosporin
  4. Non-stick pads
  5. Tape (waterproof or silk tape)
  6. Bandage scissors
  7. Band-aid
  8. Ice packs/Hot packs
  9. Tylenol, Motrin/Advil
  10. Prescription medicines
  11. Baby wipes
  12. Hand sanitizing wipes
  13. Ziplocs
  14. Pencil box


These are in order of how I would use them for a “my kid fell and is bleeding everywhere!” scenario 🙂 The gauze stops and then wipes away the bleeding, the alcohol wipes clean it and then Neosporin always makes everything better. You can either use a band-aid or a non-stick pad to cover it, and the tape to make sure it stays on!

Ice-packs are great for those forehead lumps when kids run into something, and the hot packs are for mom and dad’s muscles that hurt after a day of site seeing! I usually don’t take kid Tylenol or Motrin because they are liquid, and somehow always spill all over the bag!  Those medications are generally easy to go out and buy if your kid starts to run a fever or gets a cold.  Tylenol or Motrin for mom and dad is important though because having to find a local drug store with a headache, sore muscles and kids in tow isn’t fun!

Baby wipes and sanitizing wipes help everyone to stay clean, especially after cleaning up a scrape/cut.  And finally Zip-locks….have you ever been in a foreign country and couldn’t find a trash can?!! Exactly! Put all your first aid trash (yes bloody included) in the Ziploc bag, and stow it away until you find a trash can.

To start your kit buy a pencil box or a small sturdy plastic container and stock up on items! The cost will run you about $90 to start, but several items like Neosporin, scissors, and tape last for a long time.  The goal is to keep it to the necessary items, so it’s easy to travel with 🙂

Is there anything you would add to a travel first aid kit for families? If so, let us know in the comments! Safe travels!!





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