London Guide: 5 Things to do with Kids!

We’ve been to London several times, and have fallen in love with the city more and more! It’s filled with adventure, history, tours and toys! Read on below to learn about some of our favorite attractions in London 🙂

Fat Tire Tour London


We love Fat Tire Tours! Even though it was pouring rain and my daughter’s red wool coat leaked red dye all over her (Oops!) it was one of the best bike tours we’ve been on! We did the Royal London Bike Tour, which took us to Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Big Ben, Kensington Palace, The Royal Parks and Trafalgar Square.  You stop for lunch, which is where we found Cafe in the Crypt (see below!) and the tour was about 4 hours.  They have kid’s bikes, trailers and seats for kids, as well as Thames River Tours and Beer/Pub tours! The cost ranges from 22-48 pounds. Don’t go to London without doing one of these tours!

On a fun note, they “name” every bike and I didn’t know that until after we picked out our bikes. Keith’s was named after a British war hero, and when I looked at the name on my bike, I just giggled! He asked me “What’s your bike’s name?” I replied with “I’m riding David Beckham!” 😉

Cafe in the Crypt


Located in Trafalgar Square, beneath St. Martin in the Fields church, it is a yummy, quick and unique place for families to eat! It has brick vaulted ceilings and yet a modern feel. It is a cafeteria style line-up, where you can choose what you would like and take your food back to the table.  Keith was always able to go get our food, while I sat down and got the kids settled in! We never miss going to Cafe in the Crypt when we are in London!

Hamley’s Toy Store


It’s a 7 story toy store located on Regent street in the heart of London. Super awesome! There is a floor just for Legos!! And you can’t leave without buying your very own Paddington bear with a Paddington book 🙂

Rapid Inflatable Boat (RIB) Tour


What is better than rocketing down the Thames to James Bond music?!

The RIB tours are 40-80 minutes long, and cost anywhere from 29.50 (child)-52.50 pounds.  They offer special vests/suits for kids and the young kid suits are totally awesome (see above!) If you have concerns regarding your young child and ride, feel free to email them-they are super friendly and respond fast.  One of the must do tours in London!

Churchill War Rooms

Exterior view of Churchill War Rooms. Photographed 14th June 2012

Secret WWII bunkers and a museum, yes please!! Located on King Charles Street, the war rooms give you a look into Churchill’s life and how the British help planned strategies for the Allied victory.  Many rooms are left in the exact same way, as when the staff turned off the lights and shut the doors for the final time in 1945! A great history lesson for kids and adults that brings WWII history to life!

You can’t miss out on London with kids! What are your favorite places to go in London with kids? Let us know in the comments!!




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