8 Kids Books About Travel That We Love

I totally wanted to do a video session on our favorite kid’s books about travel or other countries, but I have laryngitis and no voice!! And the blog must go on!

So here are our favorite kids books about travel, fun places and adventure 🙂 (click on the titles to learn more/shop for the books!)

Bella and Harry


We found these in the library and now we have to get one every time! Bella & Harry are Chihuahuas that travel the world with their family.  There are books about Paris, Venice, London, Maui, Beijing, Dubai and so many more! 4 new books are coming this year, to include titles in Spanish.







He is a talking bear who stows away from Peru all the way to London and his London adventures are pretty awesome. Paddington is just cool. 🙂





The Wheels on the Bus

FullSizeRender-14Disclaimer: I’m a Barefoot Books ambassador and this is one of our books…and I totally love it!

This Wheels on the Bus book is different than what you are probably use too!  Kids get to journey to Guatemala and experience a fun and adventurous bus ride to the market.  This book has amazing pictures and a great theme about helping others. Plus it comes with a sing-a-long CD, yay!!


Who Pooped in the Cascades


We found this book while shopping near Pikes Place Market in Seattle, and knew we had to get it! It teaches kids how to identify what animals leave behind in the woods, and there are fun “The Straight Poop” facts! There are also books about the Sonoran Desert,  Yellowstone, Yosemite and more.




1940h1It’s a classic! A girl in Paris and her adventures all over Paris, London and more. A must travel read!





Lonely Planet Pop-up Books


Amazing and colorful books where attractions like the Eiffel Tower and Buckingham Palace pop-up! A great travel and learning tool 🙂


My Travel Journal


(another Barefoot Books title, see my disclaimer above!)

This journal is awesome! It has a “Before I go” section to help kids plan, waiting games (because sometimes you do a bunch of waiting when you travel!), areas where they can write down what they saw, and a section to plan a new trip. A great resource for older kids!




Joy & Finley: The Italian Race


(This is the book we wrote!)

Joy & Finley are sisters who have an adventurous race in Italy.  This book contains Italian words and phrases, while the pictures perfectly show what Italian towns look liked in the 1930s! Race along with them!



What are your favorite kids books for travel? We always want to learn about new and exciting travel books! Leave us a comment and let us know!



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