Underground Tours & Donuts: Portland with Kids

PDX!! Portland is a quirky and fun city, that has a great vibe.  I always wanted to go to Portland to check it out, and I was so surprised by the fun and unique things there are to do. Here are some of my favorite family friendly things to do in Portland!

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OSMI)


This museum is amazing! They have physics, chemistry and design labs, so put on your goggles and have some fun.  I love the Victorian era invention lab where kids can write telegraphs, explore inventions and learn about Victorian inventors (yay for electricity!) OSMI also has exhibits that feature the science behind air flow and water pressure (be prepared to get wet!) They have a planetarium plus a theater, and special night time events. Check the site above for exact times. They are open from 930-530 and tickets are $14 for adults, $9.75 for 3-13 and free for under 3.  Parking is only $5. Don’t miss the OSMI if you are in Portland!

Portland Walking Tours IMG_2490

This tour company has food and chocolate tours, best of Portland tours, and underground Portland tours.  We opted for the underground tour and loved it!  The tour last about 2 hrs, and you walk approximately 1 mile around Portland.  Portland is famous for its “shanghai tunnels” where people were supposedly kidnapped from the bars and sold on ships. I won’t ruin the surprise, but this tour features all the sites from Portland’s scandalous past! The tour guide will keep it PG for the kids in the audience:) At the end of the tour, your last stop is to go under the Merchant Hotel and check out one of the tunnels! My girls loved the flashlights and exploring! Adults are $23, teens $18 and under 5 free.

Voodoo Donuts


Seriously. The. Best. Donuts. Ever. The original location is on a corner at 22 SW 3rd St in downtown Portland, and it is quirky and amazing!  Get there early, because the line can be  over an hour long, but the donut’s are worth the wait.  If you don’t know what to buy, get a Voodoo dozen and the staff picks the donuts for you.  They take cash only, but plan on buying a dozen even if you are a small family, because everyone will want seconds! We walked to a park to eat ours, and several people asked us along the way where the Voodoo donut shop was 🙂

Powell Books
I could have stayed in Powell Books all day! Powell’s main location is in Portland’s Pearl District and they have millions of used and new books. I found a 1943 Dick Tracy book and a 1894 Stratemeyer mystery book!! If you get hungry looking at books or just hanging out at Powells, hop across the street and eat at Sizzle Pie West Portland.  They have yummy pizza that you can get by the slice, which is great for kids:)

Portland is definitely a west coast city you can’t miss! What’s your favorite thing to do in Portland? Comment below and let us know!


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  1. Wow, that sounded like a great trip. Especially the donuts. Yum !!!!!


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