Germany Guide: Berlin with Kids

I left my heart in Berlin! I absolutely love this city because it embraces history, has a quirky vibe, and is filled with activities to keep kids busy. Here’s my favorite things to do in Berlin:

1. Fat Bike Tour


Fat Tire Tours Berlin has amazing options for bike tours around Berlin.  We did the Day City Tour, which is a great way to start your Berlin trip and it lasts about 4.5 hours.  The tour visits: Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the Reichstag, Berlin Wall, a beer garden for lunch and more.  Day City Tours are 14 Euros for kids and 28 Euros for adults, and they have kid seats, chariots, tag-a-longs, kid bikes and helmets for all ages. The tours go at a leisurely pace, are filled with history and humor, and you’re guaranteed to make friends!

2. Weltballoon


Even though my youngest cried the whole time, it was still fun!  The Weltballoon is owned by Air Service Berlin, and is a huge helium filled balloon.  The ride cost about 50 Euros for a family of four, takes about 15 minutes and gives you the best view of Berlin!  It is tethered to the ground so you aren’t just free floating, but wind and weather conditions could cancel your flight.  It’s a must do in Berlin, but have a back up plan just in case!

3. Topography of Terror Museum


I know that name doesn’t sound family friendly, but keep reading.  This free outdoor museum sits on the Third Reich site of the Secret State Police (SS) and the Reich Security Main Office. It’s a place where Germany has embraced it’s history by showing the inhumanity of that era.  You can walk through the SS house prisons, see remaining parts of the Berlin Wall, and walk kids through the history of war.  It’s simply powerful.

4. Berlin Wall

There is about 2km of the Berlin Wall left and you can visit it at several locations to include the Topography of Terror Museum.  The best place to visit is the Gedenkstatte Berliner Mauer which is on Bernauer Strasse.  This is an outdoor memorial with escape tunnels, a documentation center and more. There are also bike tours and walking tours that take you along the entire path of the Berlin Wall!

5. Checkpoint Charlie


This was the border crossing from West to East Berlin. It is an outdoor exhibition, that has replicas of what the border crossing would have looked like.  There is also an ionic signpost about “leaving the American sector”.  Although Checkpoint Charlie is a bustling tourist attraction, and only has replicas, it is a great way to start conversations with your kids about the end of WWII, the Berlin Wall and the Cold War.

6. Beer Gardens (Biergarten)


There are so many! There is Prater which is the oldest beer garden, has a ton of room and even a small playground for kids. Golgatha Biergarten  is located in the Kreuzberg neighborhood, is open for breakfast all the way through dancing to music at night, they serve ice cream and there is a playground nearby for kids.  Most biergartens are only open from April to September, so go to as many as you can!

Berlin is such a wonderful, history filled city, that I would totally go back too! What’s your favorite thing to do in Berlin? Leave us a comment and let us know!



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