Flying with Kids: 4 Items That Will Save the Day

Flying with kids, especially across an ocean, can be stressful! But what if you had 4 simple items in your carry on that could save the day and make everyone happier? Read on below to find out!

1. Packing Cubes


I love these!! You can fit the smaller sizes in your carry-on for under the airplane seat, which means you have extra kids clothes in case accidents occur.  And you are able to get to them quickly!  I write the kids’ names on a piece of paper, and use packing tape, to label each cube.  This helps with packing, but also with picking out clothes for the day at your destination.  Plus you can use a packing cube for dirty clothes 🙂

2. Bungee Cords


Have you ever tried to haul carseats, kids, and luggage through an airport?  And then that one suitcase won’t roll, a stuffed animal gets dropped or everything falls off the luggage cart?! Then it’s bungee cords to the rescue!!  We use them to keep all of our carseats/booster seats together, to secure a backpack to a suitcase, and even a stuffed animal to a backpack 🙂  Take extra bungee cords as well, because they tend to disappear in between your departure and arrival. (Milo the Cow has gone on a lot of adventures).

3. Ziploc bags

Extra Ziploc bags are simply the best thing ever in a carry on.  We use baby wipes to clean the markers, chip crumbs, or juice off of our kids, like most parents. But before I carried ziplocs, I would totally do the baby wipe dance or in other words “where do I put this now!” dance.  Ziplocs are awesome for trash (especially wet trash), wet clothes from a potty accident, or to keep that half a package of crackers in that your kid didn’t want to finish!

4. Rubber Bands

Just stash various sizes of rubber bands in a ziploc bag 🙂 They are amazing to use on cords for every tech device,  to hold toiletries together (toothpaste and toothbrushes always get separated somehow) and to make capes for stuffed animals, out of the extra kid clothing!

What are a few of your essential items that you use to save the day when flying? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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