Disneyland Guide: 6 of the Best Attractions

Going on a family Disneyland trip? Yay!!! During our pre-kid era, we lived in San Diego and went to Disneyland several times, but it is totally different and magical when you take your kids.  Continue on below to find the 6 attractions you can’t miss with your kids.

(Be sure to download the Disneyland app, from here: Awesome Disneyland App 🙂

1. The Royal Theater


This is the best ever! We were laughing harder than our kids during Beauty and the Beast! The play includes live music, and hilarious cast members that play different roles.  They have 5-6 shows a day and be prepared to get there 45 minutes early (earlier during peak season) to wait in line. It is an outdoor theater, which means the show will be canceled if it rains, so have a back up plan.

2. Animation Academy in California Adventure Park


My daughter loved being able to go to an art lesson at Disneyland! Go to the Disney Animation Building in Hollywood Land and check out the Animation Academy’s schedule. Classes occur in 30 minute slots, and they draw a variety of characters throughout the day. This also fills up quickly, so get there early, especially if it is a rainy day. As you can see, my daughter added a few of her own touches to Baymax!

3. Turtle Talk with Crush in California Adventure Park


You rock, duuuudes!!!  I totally love Crush!  This is an interactive show, where the audience can live chat with Crush.  It has a fun, laid back atmosphere, and the spontaneity of Crush is truly genius.  The show is short, approximately 20 minutes, but is totally worth the wait. Don’t miss it dudes!!

4. Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade and Fireworks


The first time we tried to go to the parade, we ate dinner in Disneyland and walked over to the Parade route about 1 hr prior to the Parade.  We got stuck in such a traffic jam of people, that we had no control over where we were going!  My youngest daughter totally fell asleep in my arms, so we called it quits.

The next night we were determined to see the parade! Helpful hint: the parade starts over by It’s a Small World, so head over there by 630pm and hang out until parade time at 830pm.  It was so much better!! Disclaimer: You will have to listen to It’s a Small World, about a thousand times before the parade starts 🙂 Or you can hang out for the 1030pm parade. June 18th is the last day for this parade, so be sure to see it.

Stay over by It’s a Small World for the fireworks too!  They currently only do fireworks on the weekends, and it usually starts about 925, but they were even better than the parade.  And yes when the Indiana Jones music started playing, I jumped for joy!

5. Frozen Live at the Hyperion


While at California Adventure Park, be sure to see Frozen Live!  There are 3 showings a day, and the show runs for 1 hour.  You do line up outside the theater, in the section you prefer to sit: Orchestra, Mezzanine or Balcony.  The Orchestra level does get to see the characters who come up and down the aisle, but it might be harder for younger kids to see the play.  We sat in Mezzanine and loved our panoramic view! This fills up fast too, so be there 1 hour or so early to line up, and there aren’t restrooms in the theaters, so go potty first 🙂  Be on the look out for Olaf and Sven in the play, because they are simply hilarious!!

6. Character Experiences


My heart was overwhelming with joy when my girls ran up and hugged their favorite characters.  They love Disney books and fairytales, so it was a truly magical moment!  The characters take time to talk with each child, and act their part so well.  Be sure to get into Disneyland as soon as it opens, and take pictures with all the characters around Main Street.  They don’t stay there long, so be quick!

You can also meet princesses at the Royal Hall, where they have 1-3 princesses everyday.  And of course head over Pixie Hollow to meet fairies, and California Adventure to meet Elsa, Anna, and Captain America 🙂  This is where the app is golden, because it will tell you where all the characters are.

You can take your own pictures but the photographers will give you a Disney Photo Pass.  You use the app to open your photo pass account, and pay $40 to download all the images taken that day.  It’s actually a pretty good deal!


That’s a wrap. What are your favorite Disneyland attractions? Leave us a comment and let us know!

(All images are from Disneyland.com or are my own)

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